Things to Do: The Columbus Dragonfly Trail

Columbus Dragonfly Trail

Plan an outdoor adventure and day trip that includes exploring the Columbus Dragonfly Trail. Bike, jog or walk portions of the 12-mile trail along the picturesque Chattahoochee River and enjoy nature!

About the Columbus Dragonfly Trail

The Columbus Dragonfly Trail is a greenway constructed over the past 18 years along an abandoned railway route as part of the city’s Rails-to-Trails project. It connects through north downtown, continuing to the Fall Line Trace rail trail to northwest Columbus and a southern side path trail along MLK Boulevard. 

The 12-foot-wide asphalt trail provides a smooth and accessible surface for walkers, joggers and bikers alike. Along the way, you’ll encounter two park and ride/rest areas, perfect for taking a break, enjoying a picnic or simply soaking in the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Remember to be on the lookout for the majestic dragonflies that inspired the trail’s name, flitting about in the warm Georgia sunshine.

More about the trail

What’s more, the Columbus Dragonfly Trail offers a safe community space that encourages people of all ages to get outside. If you connect with Dragonfly Trails on Facebook, posts share how safety, in general, is a top priority for the trails. 

For example, clear signage at designated trailheads and along the trail provides information on your location, mileage and elevation. It also helps trail users stay on the designated path as they travel along. You are also likely to cross paths with police officers from both Columbus and Muscogee County during their routine patrols. 

And while the trail is maintained, if you notice a tree limb on the path or other debris when you are out and about, report it by calling 311.


According to Visit Columbus, the trail starts at the iconic 14th Street Pedestrian Bridge and travels until Psalmond Road. You can also find parking and places to start along the trail at the Civic Center, MLK Jr. Trailhead and City Mills. Again, just follow the signs to the designated parking areas and trail entrances.


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