Local Spotlight: Old Russell County Courthouse

Old Russell County Courthouse

Around Phenix City, history seems to be just around the corner. The Old Russell County Courthouse in nearby Seale, AL stands as a testament to this reality. There, you’ll find some of East Alabama’s rich history alongside present-day community events.

History of the Courthouse

Founded all the way back in 1868, the Old Russell County Courthouse served as the courthouse when Seale, AL held the mantle of county seat from 1866 to 1943.

The Old Russell County Courthouse was erected the same year of its founding, 1868, making it among the oldest courthouses in the entire state. To put it into perspective, the American Civil War had just ended three years earlier at the time the courthouse was built.

The Courthouse Today

Today, the Old Russell County Courthouse stands as a historical site and community event hub. The courthouse houses a collection of priceless Native American artifacts, along with a paleontology display. Some of Southeastern Alabama’s history rests right inside the courthouse walls!

In addition to its historical importance, the Old Russell County Courthouse also plays a role in the community. For instance, the courthouse has recently been the site of the community’s Labor Day fair, with food stands and fun attractions dotting the grounds. The courthouse can also be rented out to different parties on the weekends for a fee.


Part of East Alabama’s history has stood the test of time in the Old Russell County Courthouse. It may not serve the same purpose as it once did, but it still has its place!

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