New Phenix City Mural Has Been Added to Downtown

new Phenix City Mural

Art helps bring communities together. In Phenix City, the saying rings true. After creative efforts from Troy University’s Phenix City campus, local leadership class, and more, a new Phenix City mural has been added downtown facing the RiverWalk. Here’s more on this magnificent mural.

Creating the Mural

Without the help of a large network of people, the mural wouldn’t have been possible. The leadership class form the East Alabama Chamber of Commerce put a call out to artists. The goal? Seeing who could make the best wing-based design for a public mural. Funding for the project was provided by Russell County Commissioners and a grant from the Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley.

In the end, Amber Stidham submitted the best design. With the design in place, these talented creators worked to paint the immense, 25-foot-long mural.

Looks and Location

After all that hard work, Phenix City has a piece of art to be proud of. The mural depicts none other than a phoenix. As a fictional creature, the bird has been popularized in folklore and even in famous stories like the Harry Potter series. In all of its tales, the creature burns into ash, only to return, symbolizing rebirth and renewal. Phenix City exhibits the same enduring spirit, making a phoenix an apt choice of image.

Hoping to see this beautiful piece of art for yourself? It’s fully accessible for the public. The mural is located on the retaining wall below the Russell County Courthouse facing the city’s outdoor amphitheater and RiverWalk. There, you can find the wall on which the mural is painted. Don’t forget to take pictures and share them on social media!


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