Local Spotlight: Fort Mitchell Historical Site

Fort Mitchell Historical Site

The past is never too far away! You can learn just how people in Alabama used to live more than 200 years ago at our local Fort Mitchell Historical Site, which was built in 1813. This spot teaches us how far we’ve come—and to appreciate the people living all around us.

What is the Fort Mitchell Historical Site?

History buffs, Alabama locals, and curious visitors alike all have something new to learn at the Fort Mitchell Historical Site. It offers multiple ways to view the past—and it’s only a short trip away. No time travel needed!

What can I find at the Fort Mitchell Historical Site?

This Historical Site offers a wide array of things to see and do. It features:

  • A theater, which shows film shorts about the early 19th century;
  • Displays that let you stroll back into the past;
  • A museum filled with exhibits and artifacts;
  • A gift shop;
  • A picnic pavilion;
  • A carriage house, which includes old transportation like wagons, carts, and surreys; and
  • Living history displays during yearly events, like Pioneer Day.

Visiting Details

You can find this amazing spot at 561 AL-165 in Fort Mitchell, Alabama. Though hours may vary during this time, you can always check back at their website.

How to Support the Fort Mitchell Historical Site without Visiting

Right now, you may find yourself staying at home. If you want to support Fort Mitchell Historical Site from the couch, you can always make a donation online! Save the records too so that you can have a deduction during tax season.

You can also go ahead and buy a yearly membership! That way, when you are able to go out and visit, you’ve already paid for your annual tickets.


For more than 200 years, the Fort Mitchell Historical Site has been a part of our community. You can learn all about how the past centuries have changed the area when you visit this local mainstay.

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