New Business Spotlight: Castle Hof in Phenix City

Castle Hof

First, Heika and Bryan Horning ran a local German grocery store. Now, they’ve dived into a different—and equally delicious—new venture: serving up German food at their restaurant, Castle Hof in Phenix City. Whether you’ve never eaten German fare before—or sauerbraten and schnitzel have a regular rotation in your household—you’ll can visit them for an authentic meal. Plus, you’ll also be doing your part to support a local business and our town’s economy too!

More on Castle Hof in Phenix City

Heika and Bryan Horning are bringing German cuisine to Phenix City. After meeting in Germany, where Heika lived and Bryan was stationed, they eventually married and moved to the U.S.A. They’re both deeply involved with running the restaurant, working hard to give customers an amazing experience. And don’t worry—if you have any picky eaters with you, they also dish up familiar fare, like salads and sandwiches.

What can I eat at the Castle Hof?

One of the best parts about getting food from a restaurant is dreaming about just what you’ll order! If you’re wondering what you can chow down on at the Castle Hof in Phenix City, check out some of the items on their menu below:

  • Schnitzel;
  • Steak;
  • Wieners with fries;
  • Rouladen with potato dumplings;
  • Smoked salmon bread;
  • Bratwurst;
  • Chicken sandwiches;
  • Currywurst;
  • Goulash soup;
  • Belgian waffles;
  • And more.

They also serve desserts! Some of the tasty options they’ve offered in their shop include:

  • Almond tortes;
  • German cheesecake;
  • Macarons;
  • Pies;
  • Gluten-free chocolate cake;
  • Sachertorte, which is a chocolate cake with apricot jam;
  • And more.

Visiting Details

Castle Hof is open for business! Their hours run from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday. Come see them at 502 Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway South in Phenix City.


Supporting local businesses is simple—and delicious! Whenever you decide to visit a new local spot, you can find amazing dishes at Castle Hof in Phenix City. And don’t forget to get some dessert while you’re at it!

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