Coming Soon: Cook’s BBQ in Phenix City

Cook's BBQ in Phenix City

Does the sound of barbecue have your mouth watering? Well, get ready! There is a new restaurant opening soon in our area. From what’s on the menu to where to find it, we have gathered all the details about the upcoming Cook’s BBQ in Phenix City.

About Cook’s BBQ in Phenix City

If you love the sweet heat of barbecue, you’ll love Cook’s BBQ in Phenix City. Owners Kenneth Cook and his father, Kenny, plan to open up Cook’s BBQ on Highway 280 in the building that was once home to Michelle’s Restaurant.

Kenneth shared that they have made cosmetic changes to the inside of the building and plan to make changes to the landscaping around the building as well, to make it more visible from the road.

Before entering the restaurant business, Kenneth, a native of Columbus, was working as a 911 dispatcher when he decided to start a catering service. He told the Ledger-Enquirer that, “it was just a crazy thing I thought about doing, because I worked in a restaurant before, and I wanted to own a restaurant.” At the time, a restaurant wasn’t possible, so he focused on catering.

Cook found success in his catering business and has been booked for events for the entire 2022 and 2023 seasons. This catering service has helped make his dream of owning a restaurant possible, and in-turn, the catering service will help the restaurant flourish.

Cook’s first brush with barbecue came at an early age, however. After first learning to cook from his grandmother, he started working for Mike & Ed’s BBQ when he was just 14 years old.

The food

Cooked low and slow, the quality of food at Cook’s BBQ will set them apart from any other barbecue place in the area, according to Cook.

Everything on the menu will be cooked fresh daily, and they plan to work with the best vendors and use local suppliers as much as possible.

The menu will include traditional barbecue items such as pork, chicken, and ribs. But it doesn’t stop there. It will also include the Cook’s family Brunswick stew featuring a family recipe that has been passed down for more than 50 years!


Cook’s BBQ in Phenix City is located at 2061 Highway 280, in the former Michelle’s Restaurant. If you’re craving some delicious BBQ, you won’t have to wait long! Owners Kenneth Cook and his father, Kenny, have plans to open their doors mid-November.


Does this have you itching to pig out on some BBQ? Luckily for our Clover Leaf residents, the future home of Cook’s BBQ in Phenix City is located just seven minutes away!

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