In the News: Robots at Chef Lee’s Peking Restaurant in Columbus

robots at Chef Lee's Peking Restaurant in Columbus

Add a high-tech twist to the menu at one longtime Chinese restaurant across the river. Two robots at Chef Lee’s Peking Restaurant in Columbus are shining examples of what the future of restaurants could look like.

More about the robots at Chef Lee’s Peking Restaurant

Robots Emerald and Ruby could now be taking you to your seat when you visit Chef Lee’s Peking Restaurant on Bradley Park Drive.

The robots at Chef Lee’s Peking Restaurant in Columbus serve as hostesses. Think of them as server assistants. They take guests to the table, which takes one task off a server’s plate. In turn, servers can focus more attention on their customers.

So far, Ruby and Emerald have been well received. According to reports, owner Harriet Zhu said the robots are a highlight of the guests’ experience.

And while the robots aren’t replacing the human component, they are bringing a fun, futuristic element to the table!

How it works

The way the robots at Chef Lee’s Peking Restaurant in Columbus work is simple. Guests walk in and let the greeter know how many people are in their party. The robot receives a code with directions on where to seat the group.

Then the robot will lead the party to its designated table. Guests take the menus from the robot and have a seat. From there, the server takes over.

For now, Ruby and Emerald are the only robots at Chef Lee’s. However, guests can expect to see a few more in the future. Eventually, additional robots will be used to help with takeout orders too.


For delicious authentic Chinese food, make your way to 6100 Bradley Park Drive. With a full menu of traditional Chinese dishes and Szechuan specialties, you won’t leave hungry!

Connect with Chef Lee’s on Facebook or give them a call at (706) 653-8888 to find out more.


Whether you want to make plans for Chef Lee’s Chinese New Year dinner on January 22nd or just want Chinese food, you can be there in about 10 minutes when you’re leaving from Clover Leaf Apartment Homes in Phenix City.

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