New Business Spotlight: Stumpy’s Hatchet House

Stumpy's Hatchet House

Looking to check off that New Year’s resolution to try something new? Swing by Stumpy’s Hatchet House off 15th Street in Columbus and get ready to throw down!

What’s Stumpy’s?

In the broad sense, and according to the Facebook page, Stumpy’s is “America’s original axe-throwing lounge and home of the #socialthrowdown.” As axe-throwing is hurling toward a trend, locally owned and operated Stumpy’s Hatchet House in Columbus is “axe-cited” to offer the community a more “upscale” axe-throwing experience. 

Columbus owner Lori Greef was recently quoted in the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer as saying they gutted the building during renovations, which took almost a year. Now happy with the outcome, finishing touches include leather couches and chairs to lounge in as you sip beer and wine available for purchase at the bar.

Throw Down Prep

There are nine throwing pits that are naturally six-feet apart. Closed-toe shoes are required. Stumpy’s Hatchet House is now accepting reservations for groups of one and up. Groups of six or fewer can reserve a pit for one hour, while seven and up must book it for two hours. 

Dress comfortably. After all, axe-throwing is a sporting event. You will be moving—as in throwing axes! Since it’s cooler outside, it will be cooler inside too. Bring a sweatshirt if you are cold-natured. Once you and your party arrive, you will go through a brief training before heading to the pit.

Also, if you come hungry, they suggest “axe”-ing for take-out menus or checking to see if any local food trucks will be on-site soon. Every day but Family Fun Day Sunday at Stumpy’s is 18 and older. A valid ID is required. On Sundays, the age to enter is 13 and up, and no beer or wine is sold. 

Still not sure what to expect?

Think darts, but for lumberjacks. Like darts, there’s a target. Like darts, there are varying games and ways to earn points and like darts, it takes aim, skill, and even practice. 

Directly from Stumpy’s Hatchet House website, the rules for Standard Play follow: 

  • Each person throws, recording the points from each round (points range from 1-5 in the inner ring and 7 points in the outside corners). First person to 21 wins!
  • Mix up play by seeing who can score the lowest. Reverse the points from the center out, making the bullseye 1 point and the outer ring 5 points.

Other fun games the hatchet tossing professionals at Stumpy’s can show you include Around the World and the original S.T.U.M.P….And Sometimes Y, which has several “axe”-cellent variations!


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