In the News: Carver Victory Garden and Farm

Carver Victory Garden and Farm

A strong community lifts each of its members up, giving them the resources to thrive. Turn Around Columbus puts that philosophy into action each and every day. Recently, they also added a new plan to the docket. In the future, locals can benefit from a visit to the Carver Victory Garden and Farm.

More on Turn Around Columbus

Ever since 2005, Turn Around Columbus has provided opportunities and guidance to local youth. Founder Ronzell Buckner initially made his name as a businessman. However, his strongest legacy in the community lies in his commitment to at-risk young people. Throughout the years, he and Turn Around Columbus have tirelessly worked to provide children with a better future.

The organization has tackled this aim through a multiple-pronged approach. From bussing children to the Fluellen Rec Center, to providing work experience, to tutoring students, TAC has offered priceless resources to our youth. Next up on their list? The Carver Victory Garden and Farm.

More on Carver Victory Garden and Farm

Once, it served as a baseball field. Soon, it will turn into a gorgeous community garden. There, children can grow, pick, and eat healthy fruits and vegetables. As they tend to the garden, they can learn self-sufficiency and good nutrition. They’ll also cultivate pride in their community, their families, and their own hard work. And when the crops have grown, students can take them home for free!

When phase one of the Carver Victory Garden and Farm finishes, it will feature:

  • A portable greenhouse;
  • A food production spot;
  • Classrooms, both indoor and outdoor;
  • A prep and wash area;
  • And more.

The Meaning Behind the Name

What’s in a name? In this case, the Carver Victory Garden and Farm honors agricultural scientist Dr. George Washington Carver. Though many know him for his innovation with peanuts, he also championed the establishment of victory gardens all across the country. So, it’s a fitting tribute!

Making Progress

January 18, 2021 marked this year’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It also hosted another momentous occasion: the beginning of construction on the Carver Victory Garden and Farm. The project has officially begun its first phase. At the end of the year, it should reach completion.

Where is the Carver Victory Garden and Farm?

Construction is still in progress for the Carver Victory Garden and Farm. If you want to see how it’s going, keep an eye out next time you’re by Davis Elementary School in Columbus. It will sit right behind the school!


A wonderful future doesn’t just appear. It takes time, care, and cultivation. Thanks to philanthropic members of our community like Buckner and those in TAC, that future is possible for our youth. We can’t wait to see the finished Carver Victory Garden and Farm later this year.

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