In the News: Mother Mary Mission in Phenix City

Mother Mary Mission in Phenix City

Parenting doesn’t seem hard—it is hard! And no matter how we tackle the challenges before us, more still arise. One of the most pressing problems parents encounter? Finding high quality childcare. Plus, even if we discover the perfect place, they typically end up having a waiting list. Fortunately, we have a new option—and we can thank Mother Mary Mission in Phenix City, AL. They have officially opened a pre-K center in town.

More on Mother Mary Mission, INC.

Mother Mary Mission in Phenix City seeks to serve those in need in our area. Run with care from the Vincentian Sisters of Charity and the Salvatoran Priest and Brothers, their story starts in 1939. The non-profit first began their work in a 10-room house.

Their initial goal? To provide an education for young African-American pupils. Starting with a first class of 67, they offered academic classes, a dental clinic, and a health clinic. Then, in 1945, they moved into a newly-constructed school, along with a church.

Over the years, Mother Mary Mission has offered an inclusive place for children to grow, play, and even learn. Now, they aim to help in the area of early childhood education with their new pre-K center.

About the new pre-K center

Along with the Alabama Council on Human Relations, Mother Mary Mission, INC. has started a new pre-K program. They also aim to stick around for a while, since they signed a 10-year-long lease this past November. The center will nurture the next generation of our community on the same campus children have attended for decades.

Where is the new pre-K?

You can find the new pre-K at 318 South Seale Road in Phenix City, AL. It sits at the same address as Mother Mary Mission, INC.

How can I contribute?

If you feel moved to help Mother Mary Mission, INC., you have a few options. First of all, you can let parents know about their new childcare option (but only if they ask)! Second, you can share this blog. And lastly, you can also make a donation here.


Year after year, the Mother Mary Mission in Phenix City has worked to provide opportunities for families. Because of them, future generations will continue to receive the tools and foundation they need to succeed. They truly show that together, we can build a strong, thriving community!

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