New Restaurant Spotlight: Thelma’s Kitchen Columbus

Thelma's Kitchen Columbus

It’s been a big year for Columbus cuisine. From the reopening of Veri Best Donuts to the arrival of King Claw Juicy Seafood and Bar, life around town sure brings the flavor. Well, now we have another place to try: Thelma’s Kitchen, located on Victory Drive. And, if soul food doesn’t sound tempting enough, this restaurant also has a very special mission—one you can help succeed. Read on to learn more!

About the mission

Second chances give people the opportunity to transform even the most difficult times into something meaningful. The founder of Thelma’s Kitchen, Nathaniel Walker, has taken this mission to heart. After receiving a second chance of his own, he realized the value of giving back.

That’s when he came up with the idea for his first restaurant, 26 years ago. There, he aimed to hire those who needed to turn over a new leaf—a chance that many people can struggle endlessly to find. At his restaurant, they could earn the revenue and references they needed to begin a fruitful new chapter in their lives.

He has brought this philosophy from his original restaurant to his new one. Not only will it bring jobs and revenue, but it will also draw us closer together. Plus, it will give many people the opportunity they need to change their lives—and the lives of those they love—for the better.

More on the new restaurant

Almost two months have passed since Thelma’s Kitchen saw its successful opening day. Held in early July, it featured a ribbon-cutting ceremony—and of course some tasty eats! Thelma’s Kitchen Columbus joins two other Thelma’s Kitchens, which both serve customers in Eufaula, AL.

Flipping through the menu

Don’t mind if we do! Join us in drooling over the all the mouthwatering options on the menu. Each and every one of them is made fresh from scratch daily. Offerings include:

  • Turkey wings;
  • Chitterlings;
  • Fried pork chop;
  • BBQ ribs;
  • Baked chicken;
  • Fried catfish fillet;
  • Homemade banana pudding;
  • And more.

You can check out the full menu here!

Visiting details

Lunch or dinner? Maybe you can come back for both! After all, Thelma’s Kitchen is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday! You can find them at 3250 Victory Drive, about 7.7 miles from Clover Leaf Apartment Homes.


Thelma’s Kitchen Columbus promises to bring our community closer together. If you can, come support this amazing local business! After all, eating banana pudding there totally counts as doing a good deed.

After a top-tier meal, you can rest—and digest—in your Clover Leaf apartment. Learn more about our floor plans and application info here. Finally, stay up-to-date on local news and spotlights via our blog!