Coming Soon: Moe’s Original BBQ in Columbus

Moe's Original BBQ in Columbus

Who else misses BBQ season? We sure do! And this year, you won’t have to spend all day prepping and grilling. Instead, you can find some delicious ‘que at the new Moe’s Original BBQ in Columbus, located right next to Fetch Park! Though it won’t open until this spring, we can fill a little of the time for you by diving right into the details.

About Moe’s Original BBQ

If the name sounds familiar, you’ve likely visited Moe’s Original BBQ before! After all, who can forget that kind of flavor?

Established in 1988, this delicious chain has restaurants all over the country in states like Colorado, Tennessee, Ohio, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and more. Nearby cities with Moe’s Original BBQ restaurants of their own include Auburn, Birmingham, and Atlanta.

More on the Moe’s Original BBQ in Columbus

The Moe’s Original BBQ in Columbus will be the fourth Moe’s in Georgia. Construction was underway in January, meaning that folks are hard at work getting the restaurant ready for business.

According to current estimates, Moe’s will open its doors this spring. So, you won’t have to wait too long to get your fill of smoked turkey and ribs.

Want to stay up-to-date on the opening? Follow their Facebook page here!

Flipping through the menu

Hey, you’re about to get really hungry! So, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

We’ll list just a few of the appetizing options you can order from Moe’s Original BBQ. They include:

  • Fried catfish sandwiches;
  • Fried shrimp Moe Boy sandwiches;
  • Banana pudding;
  • Smoked wings;
  • Mac and cheese;
  • Chicken tenders;
  • Smoked turkey sandwiches;
  • Baked beans;
  • And more.

See their full menu here.

Ordering options

At Moe’s, you’ll always find excellent customer service on the menu. Guests can eat at the restaurant or take their food home. They can also order catering options!

Moe’s features choices like picnic pickups, buffets, and catering deliveries. So, consider them for your next big event!

Visiting details

We’re only one season away from the new Moe’s Original BBQ! When it opens, you can visit it at 1439 Sixth Ave. in Columbus. Hours remain to be announced.


Something to look forward to this spring: Moe’s Original BBQ in Columbus will officially get cooking. Though, if you just can’t wait, you can always take a little trip to one of the two Auburn Moe’s locations!

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